Viventis' People-Centric Approach and Superior Human Capital Strategy Garner Consecutive Accolades

Viventis’ People Centricity and Top Notch Human Capital Strategy Earns Back to Back Recognition

Viventis Search Asia stands out not just as a significant player in the human capital industry but as a standard-bearer, an exemplar of excellence, and a trailblazer in transformative practices. In navigating the intricate landscapes of talent acquisition and business operations, the company has firmly entrenched itself as a leading force in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific region. What sets Viventis apart is its expertise, demonstrated not only in attracting top-tier talent but also in forging enduring partnerships across diverse sectors.

This influence extends far beyond individual careers. True to its reputation as a pivotal figure in talent attraction, Viventis connects professionals with opportunities, fosters business growth, and actively contributes to job creation and economic enhancement. Through the deliberate placement of professionals in roles that hold significance, the company not only stimulates a thriving job market but also accelerates the emergence of further career prospects, seamlessly aligning with the growing economy.

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In a clear demonstration of its unwavering dedication to excellence, Viventis Search Asia has once again secured two prestigious awards, reaffirming its position as a pioneering force in the human capital industry and in the business space. Named as the sole winner of the ACES Awards Inspiring Workplace in Asia for 2023 and honored with the Asia Leaders Awards as The Company of the Year: Human Capital, Viventis stands tall at the pinnacle of success, celebrated for its commitment to fostering an inspiring workplace and shaping the future of human capital development.


ACES Awards: Inspiring Workplace in Asia 2023


The Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards (ACES) recognize Viventis for its distinctive approach to employee engagement, rooted in the understanding that team members are not just integral to the organization but the very essence of its purpose. Viventis thrives on the belief that contributing to economic and national growth starts with nurturing internal talents. As recipients of the Inspiring Workplace award, the company takes pride in ensuring its team comprehends the organizational purpose, extending well beyond mere job placements. This accolade acknowledges Viventis' commitment to prioritizing its people, providing them with the necessary resources and support to evolve into career experts and industry leaders.


This recognition serves as a testament to Viventis' commitment to the multifaceted needs of individuals within the organization. Fostering an environment of open communication, collaboration, and continuous learning, Viventis has created and sustained a workplace culture where personal and professional growth are not just encouraged but are integral to its identity. 

Asia Leaders Awards: The Company of the Year in Human Capital

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The Asia Leaders Awards, designating Viventis as The Company of the Year: Human Capital, emphasize the tangible results of the organization's commitment to the professional and personal growth of its people. Viventis' success story extends beyond individual careers, resonating through remarkable placements across various industries which brings about more opportunities for organizations to open more opportunities and contribute to the development of the country’s skilled workers. This achievement is reflected in how Viventis delivers services to clients, going beyond conventional approaches to human capital management. The dedication to nurturing their people  translates into exceptional services, enabling clients to provide more jobs and contribute significantly to economic development.

Navigating the Business Landscape

Viventis Search Asia's dual commitment to transforming individual careers and bolstering economic growth underscores its deep understanding of the dynamic needs in today's fast-paced business landscape, benefiting both professionals and employers alike. Proficient in talent acquisition and management, the company takes a holistic approach, finely tuned across strategic pillars that bring out the best in professionals at all levels. It extends beyond recruitment; it's a commitment to talent development. Transformative courses introduced through the Talent Development Department showcase dedication to equipping professionals with skills essential for thriving in evolving industries. Viventis also pioneers innovative career technologies that elevate organizations in their respective domains. 

This highlights the company's ability to connect professionals with diverse skill sets to opportunities aligned with their career aspirations.

Final Thoughts

The organization's people-centric approach and top-notch human capital strategy have not only earned back-to-back recognitions but have also positioned the company as a driving force in the industry. To celebrate these accolades, they remain steadfast in their commitment to transforming individual careers, fostering economic growth, and shaping the future of human capital.

At Viventis Search Asia, they don't just offer career opportunities; they provide a nurturing ground for personal and professional flourishing, making them a beacon of excellence in the human capital landscape.


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