Puhon Viventis 2023

The PUHON Project: Nurturing Dreams and Empowering Youth Scholars

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) goes beyond philanthropy; it embodies a commitment to making a positive and lasting impact on society. Viventis Search Asia, a leading organization in talent acquisition and development, proudly presents the PUHON Project—a transformative CSR initiative aimed at empowering the Landas ng Karunungan (LnK) scholars of the Sta. Maria della Strada Parish in Quezon City

What is PUHON?

Puhon, derived from the Visayan language, carries a profound meaning that goes beyond mere hope. While a simple Google search may suggest phrases like "hopefully someday" and "God-willing," Puhon encompasses the essence of manifesting and believing in the realization of one's dreams. It embodies the commitment to actively work towards turning aspirations into reality while having unwavering faith and confidence that divine intervention will make it possible.

The project name, PUHON, was suggested by Bea Sarita, one of the organization’s bright interns from the Talent Development department. It struck a chord with Jeremy Pintor, our esteemed Talent Development Director, due to his extensive engagement with local government units in Visayas and Mindanao during his previous corporate experiences; he felt a deep connection to the name, recognizing its cultural significance and resonance.

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Objective of this CSR Initiative

The PUHON Project revolves around three key concepts: Passion, Vision, and Manifestation, which reflect its overarching objectives. First, it aims to help scholars uncover their true passions and purposes, acknowledging their past successes. Second, it strives to inspire scholars to dream big and articulate their desired future.

Lastly, the project aims to enable scholars to commit to achieving their dreams by equipping them with vital skills that will turn aspirations into reality. Through a series of comprehensive programs, PUHON seeks to nurture their dreams, inspire vision, and equip them with essential skills for a brighter future.

Puhon Viventis 2023

The PUHON Project extends its support to two target audiences—LnK scholars in Grades 9 to 12 and incoming, current, and graduating college scholars. These young individuals have been beneficiaries of Viventis' career programs, which were temporarily halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this year marks the revival and expansion of the partnership for youth development, allowing for a broader scope of engagement.


Puhon Viventis 2023

PUHON Life-Long Learning Skills for the Youth Program

The first program under the PUHON Project is designed specifically for Grade 9–12 LnK scholars. This comprehensive two-day program focuses on four critical skill areas.

  • Personal Skills encourage scholars to reflect on past experiences, embrace resilience and inner strength, and identify sources of motivation.
  • Cognitive Skills enable scholars to envision their future through the creation of personal vision boards.
  • Creative Skills foster creativity and innovative thinking to help scholars develop new approaches to pursuing their dreams.
  • Lastly, Social Skills emphasize the value of relationships and networking, empowering scholars to leverage their connections.

Puhon Viventis 2023

PUHON Life-Long Career Skills Program

The second program caters to incoming, current, and graduating college LnK scholars, providing them with essential career skills. This comprehensive two-day program encompasses four major modules delivered by industry experts.

  • Building my Personal Brand helps scholars establish their unique identity and value proposition.
  • Creating Awesome Resumes equips them with the skills to craft impactful resumes.
  • Preparing to Ace an Interview hones their interview skills and confidence.
  • Lastly, Facing the Recruiters offers mock interviews with Viventis recruiters, providing valuable insights and guidance.

Puhon Viventis 2023

Both of these transformative programs were thoughtfully designed to accommodate the busy schedules of LnK scholars. Held on Saturdays from the months of May to July, scholars eagerly participated in engaging sessions from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day.

This deliberate scheduling allowed them to fully immerse themselves in the PUHON experience without the constraints of their academic commitments. By dedicating their weekends to personal growth and development, these scholars demonstrated their unwavering commitment to embracing their passions, refining their skills, and actively pursuing their dreams.

Through this program, scholars gain the confidence to pursue their dream careers and navigate the competitive job market.

The PUHON Project epitomizes Viventis' commitment to corporate social responsibility and creating a positive impact on the lives of young scholars. By fostering hope, passion, and the necessary skills, PUHON empowers LnK scholars to take control of their destinies, embrace their dreams, and translate them into reality.

Viventis proudly stands alongside these young individuals, providing them with the support and resources they need to build a brighter future. Together, we believe in the power of PUHON—where dreams come true, one scholar at a time.

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