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Viventis Search Asia named as the sole winner of the ‘Inspiring Workplaces in Asia’ recognition by the Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards 2023


The award honors Viventis as a people-centric, holistic, and transformative organization in the human capital space


KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA — Viventis Search Asia, a leading human capital solutions company based in the Philippines, announced on November 24 that it has been named as the sole winner of the Inspiring Workplaces in Asia recognition in the Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards (ACES) 2023. The award recognizes Viventis’ unwavering dedication to people centricity and its distinctive approach to personal and professional growth as an integral aspect of its identity.


“Coming home to Malaysia at this time is so special, as receiving such a prestigious award is something that we can only imagine or aspire to achieve. It is a testament of Viventis’ substantial strides and commitment in putting people first into our core values and culture,” 

“With this recognition, we are also celebrating and inspiring organizations that prioritize a people-first experience. Now is the time to bring positive change within the workplace and advocate for purposeful practices in Asia and beyond" says Yu Ming Chin, Executive Director at Viventis.


The Inspiring Workplaces in Asia award was presented to Viventis at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This award is given to corporations that are focused on its people, their well-being, and growth. These enterprises offer some of the best facilities, conducive environment, practices, and policies to ensure employees have a great work-life balance whilst providing them with clear direction and opportunity for progress and growth within the organization.


Centered on its purpose of putting people at the forefront, Viventis implemented a sustainable three-pronged strategy. First, socially responsible human resource management practices which focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (“DEI”) and gender parity in its internal recruitment and client programs. Second, integrating a people-centric approach and common good practices highlighting solidarity principles to ensure that employees get what they need to advance in their professional and personal lives. Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Viventis chose to protect its employees' well-being and job security. Lastly, Green Human Resource Management practices where focus is to build eco-friendly habits. This multifaceted approach reflects Viventis' dedication to its people, their growth, and the planet.


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Viventis thrives on leading and empowering organizations by unleashing the potential of their people and teams. Consequently, it likewise unleashes the potential of their candidates and clients by going beyond conventional approaches to human capital management providing more jobs and contributing significantly to economic development. This endeavor earned Viventis another recent accolade as Company of the Year: Human Capital by the Asia Leaders Awards 2023.


With its passionate work, Viventis has built a strong, adaptive, and resilient mindset to navigate the complex business landscape in a post-pandemic era. It has redefined itself as a trailblazer in its continuous pursuit of shaping human capital through deeper understanding and application of AI technologies, automation, and other career technologies to elevate organizations in their respective domains. Anchored on the Future of Career Creation, Viventis continues to drive innovation and agility and firmly entrench itself as a pioneering force in the human capital industry.


“We are more motivated than ever to stay ahead of the curve by igniting careers and amplifying ‘career’ as a meaningful vocation. Our goal is to ultimately establish a strategic and personal perspective by prioritizing three key aspects,” explains Mr. Chin. “Be intentionally flexible, bring greater focus on well-being and continuous development, and lead and manage with empathy. This way, one can champion a more impactful and sustainable future.”


From its humble beginnings as a transactional recruitment firm to its pivotal transformation as a people-centric powerhouse, Viventis remains steadfast in its commitment to transforming individual careers, enriching an inspiring workplace, fostering economic growth, and shaping the future of human capital.

About Viventis Search Asia

Viventis Search Asia is the leading career consulting and human capital solutions firm in the Philippines. It provides holistic talent management and people development services to local and multinational companies across all industries. It operates in key areas in the Asia Pacific region such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. This 2023, Viventis earned back-to-back recognitions as an Inspiring Workplace in Asia by the Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards (ACES) and Company of the Year: Human Capital by the Asia Leaders Awards for its people-centric approach and top-notch human capital strategy.


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