Starting Strong Through Strategic Planning


As we say goodbye to 2022, we are all thinking about the goals we want to achieve for the year 2023.  The past few years had been really challenging. Now that things are gradually going back to normal, it is the perfect time to set up goals and start planning how to reach these goals and bounce back from the effects of the pandemic. There are certainly a lot of ways to get started. But which one would really help us to start strong and make sure that we are on the right path to success? It is important to identify the appropriate approach to use. Starting strong can lead to better team engagement, camaraderie, a  unified mindset, and a positive outlook toward the goals of the team.


Strategic Planning is designed to define the organization’s direction and long-term goals, create a  specific plan to achieve them, implement those plans, and how evaluate the results. Doing Strategic  Planning can help identify the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities the team has had in the past year. What works for the team to meet their goals or quotas, what did not work, and if there are approaches that can still be used that only needs adjustments. The goal of having strategic planning is to make sure that everyone in the organization is aligned with business goals and objectives, and documentation of the process agreed upon. 


There are 3 phases in Strategic Planning. Discussion Phase, Development Phase, Documentation. 

Discussion Phase – This is the phase where information, data, opinions, and inputs are gathered. Details such as success and losses, what went well, areas of opportunities, and other business details are important to see where the business currently stands. 

Development Phase – After information had been collected, it is now the time to put everything together and develop the objectives, goals, and the step-by-step process plan on how to achieve the goals and objectives set. 

Documentation Phase – This is the critical part of strategic planning. This is the stage when all that has been put together will be reviewed and documented. The documentation phase is important to make sure that everyone has agreed to the details from the development phase. This ensures that all information is shared, the strategy built is approved by everyone and all members of the team are committed to it. 

If you are still not sure how to start planning for the future of your organization, no need to worry.  Viventis Talent Development has a team of experts to help you set your team up for success. Talk to our team now.

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