Viventis celebrates 20th anniversary in the Human Capital Solutions industry

20 years, 20 Indelible Marks in the Human Capital Solutions Industry

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Both a witness and a leader of change in the human capital industry for two decades - Viventis celebrates its 20th Anniversary with a celebratory glance of the past, a commitment to the present, and an enhanced vision for the future of work and talent. 

It all began in the year 2001. Viventis was spearheaded by the visionary and driven Yu Ming Chin, with a double-edged mission - to enable candidates to pursue career well-being and assist businesses to hire, develop and retain the right people into their workforce.

And at the forefront of an ever-changing talent capital movement, Viventis stands and continuously transforms the landscape.


Here are 20 milestones that carved Viventis in the history of career creation in the Asia Pacific. 

1. Expansion of regional presence from the Philippines to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore

The Viventis Search Asia that we now know rebranded in 2005, even bettering its human capital solutions and consulting services. In the same year, Viventis expanded its base in Malaysia to offer the same professional executive search and recruitment solutions that it established in the Philippines.

Consequently, presence in Indonesia and Singapore was cemented in 2008 and 2009, gradually achieving its vision of being a leading player in key gateway cities in the Asia Pacific.

Viventis 20th Anniversary Regional Team 

2. Over 10,000 talents placed and matched to companies

Viventis created careers for over 10,000 talents for the past 20 years and helped each one achieve groundbreaking milestones with the mentorship of its very own industry experts and consultants.

“Viventis has been part of my career journey for the past 18 years and I am so grateful that I have found a trusted partner in fulfilling my career aspirations. You were instrumental in catapulting my career in the BPO industry.” - Janet Bulaong Manila Site Director, Remitly

3. With a client base of over 1500, many were served and assisted in their road to transformation and providing the best experience for their talent

Viventis built a base of trusting clienteles who have benefited from a wide range of human capital solutions over the years.

“Viventis today has come to be a big, huge, reputable and formidable, not only (as a) talent source company but has become an HR solutions provider.” - Mr. Nic Lim, JG Summit Holdings

“The first thing that jumped out of me is how innovative and cutting edge their services are. Viventis has an amazing talent attraction service offering that covers all levels and all industries. Viventis has the latest in terms of career solutions. Their technology stack is simply outstanding.” - Mr. Jun Abo, Transcom


4. Bringing home four industry awards

In 2016 and 2017, as it started its great partnership with LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, Viventis opened as a space to talents and clients who are seeking expert advice and content in talent transformation, insights and most importantly, have an avenue where they can land a job that fits their expertise. As a result, Viventis was able to build strong credibility through the network and was recognized for being one of the most socially engaged staffing agencies for two consecutive years. 

Viventis 20th Anniversary Linkedin Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agencies 2016 Viventis 20th Anniversary Linkedin Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agencies 2017

Not only that, 2018 was definitely a memorable year for the whole Viventis family across all regions as it won two of the most prestigious accolades, the ACES Awards as one of the Most Promising SMEs, and the APEA Awards for Corporate Excellence

Viventis 20th Anniversary ACES Awards 2018 Viventis 20th Anniversary APEA Corporate Excellence Awards 2018


5. Strategic partnerships that solidified human and talent capital solutions

Viventis Search Asia partnered with forward-looking, technology-driven companies that support Viventis’ vision of developing a future-proof workforce.

These partnerships built over the years are with THRIVE, Peak Learning, Linkedin, Skillcheck, Veritas, and Curious Thing. These strengthen and support Viventis’ core expertise in Talent Development, Talent Attraction, and Career Technology.

Viventis 20th Anniversary_Partners


6. Developed programs that ignite innovation and talent development

Viventis Search Asia believes that organizational growth and career development happens when the required human capital is achieved with the right platforms and programs. 

The Leading in the Virtual Workplace program launched last March aims to equip seasoned leaders with the relevant skills, tools, and mindset needed to effectively manage teams and their performance regardless of their work environment. This program takes a blended learning approach across four (4) modules covering key areas of successful virtual leadership: 

  • Managing Performance 
  • Engaging the Team 
  • Conducting Meetings 
  • Facilitating Daily Conversations 

In partnership with Peak Learning, Grisilient Leadership series was launched at the start and height of the pandemic. This program takes leaders to the next level by discovering the science of achieving and performing, harnessing any adversity that comes their way, and digging deep to reach the most worthy goals in the best ways through practicing key mindsets such as GRIT, Adversity Quotient (AQ) and Radical (PEAK) Adaptability

This program ushers participants through a 5 step Leadership Training Road map - Grisiliency Workshop, Leadership Development, Strategy Execution, Culture & Team Engagement, and other applications.

7. Partnership with AI-based, bespoke behavioral assessments to discover candidate potential - Curious Thing

Viventis Search Asia partnered with Curious Thing, a conversational AI that uses open and closed-ended questions and topic exploration to discover deeper insights from candidates. 

This is a breakthrough technology that not only makes volume hiring easier but also fairer, smarter, and more cost and time-efficient.


8. Transforming VSA as a talent first company

Armed with a growth mindset, Viventis embraced a talent-first approach to help candidates pursue total career well-being, supported clients in becoming future-ready, and collaborated with partners to provide best-in-class solutions as a springboard to future-proof human capital amidst adversities, specifically the current pandemic. This involved Viventis building the Workforce Transformation Solutions or 5R, cultivating strategic partnerships, and creating constant conversations and connections online. 

Read more about it here.


9. Inaugurated new office in Ortigas Pasig City and Career Center in Edsa Shangri-la Hotel

In the year 2014, Viventis Search Asia made 45 San Miguel its new home. After two years, Viventis Career Center at EDSA Shangri-la Hotel followed through the growth of the company.

Viventis 20th Anniversary_45 San Miguel Office Inauguration  Viventis 20th Anniversary_Viventis Career Center Inauguration


10. Thought leadership and industry events on-ground

Viventis Search Asia has always strived to provide not only cutting-edge talent management services but events and conferences that aim to spark change in the human capital industry here in the Philippines and abroad. 

Viventis Leadership Enhancement 2013  Viventis Building the Workforce of Tomorrow 2016

Viventis Career at the Forefront 2017  Viventis The Digital Advantage 2018 Singapore

Viventis Human Capital Conference 2016  Viventis Digital Leadership Forum 2018 Malaysia

Viventis Talent Summit 2019  Viventis TalenTech 2019


11. Thought leadership and industry events online

Viventis Search Asia has put together thought-leadership and industry events, quickly pivoting online to address hybrid work challenges brought about by the pandemic.

Breaking Barriers through Grisilient Leadership is a three-part 2021 webinar series that brought together industry leaders to talk about Grisiliency in an adversity-reach world (March 16), Reaching Peak Adaptability (June 17), and the upcoming, The Grisilient Impact: Understanding the Measure of Success (September 21).

Viventis Breaking Barriers through Grisilient Leadership Webinar Series 1Viventis Breaking Barriers through Grisilient Leadership Webinar Series 2

12. Strengthened partnership with Associations

Viventis Search Asia partners with the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP), IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP), Health Care Information Management Association of the Philippines (HIMAP), and a lot more to further expand its reach in providing expertise in human and talent capital management across different industries.

13. Volume Hiring - a new recruitment solution

As businesses go back to normal, many human resource teams are challenged with filling in various open positions in a short amount of time. With that, Viventis recently offered Volume Hiring Recruitment to help address this rising need from small to medium companies and even global companies that are looking at expanding in the country. Viventis has been a trusted partner for firms to fill up hundreds of seats and vacancies, saving up time and resources while maintaining the quality of employees hired.


14. Fulfilling corporate social responsibility in creative ways

Viventis has been partnering with the benCab Art Foundation, supporting the local contemporary art and ethnography so it can be shared for generations to come. Viventis and benCab Art Foundation also worked together to reach out less privileged students from Gilbert Semon Elementary School.

Viventis The Art of Giving Back CSR 2016

Viventis BenCab CSR  Viventis Bencab CSR 

In partnership with PMAP, DedpED, PBED, and e-Work, a program that supports and opens opportunities for the younger generation was also initiated by Viventis in the past years. 

Viventis Deped PMAP CSR


15. Bettering client service and marketing with CRM

Viventis strives to optimize not just the solutions offered but also the experience of the clientele from onboarding to project implementation. Viventis invests thoughtfully in tools to make this happen, hence the use of a new CRM tool - Hubspot.


16. 90,000 Linkedin followers

Viventis believes that our impact goes beyond our services but also in providing value and thought leadership to our followers online. These Linkedin follower numbers are but a testimony to what we aspire to be. 

Viventis Linkedin 90K followers



17. Revamped website

Aligned with integrating HubSpot CRM into its marketing and client engagement efforts, Viventis adjusted quickly to the digital landscape. Its newly revamped website aims to better communicate its services and thought leadership to both existing and potential clients and key stakeholders. 

Viventis Website Revamp 2021



18. Employee Engagement activities and recent efforts in keeping its workforce intact during the COVID-19 pandemic

For years, Viventis strived to put its own people first. Team building activities and outings are an integral part of its culture.

Viventis Outing 2015  Viventis at Japan

Viventis Cebu Outing 2019   Viventis at Japan 2017

And in order to help employees adjust to a remote workforce and ensure that they continuously watch out for their well-being, the Human Resources team launched a wellness program in 2020 called #ViventisCares along with other programs that enhanced their learning and leadership capabilities.

VSA Cares-1

Viventis ordered Moderna vaccines to further provide protection to its workforce. The vaccines are expected to arrive and be adhered to in the fourth quarter of 2021.

And, in line with the 20th-anniversary celebration, Viventis will be celebrating Employee Wellness Month for the whole month of October. 


19. Monthly and Quarterly Employee Recognition

People are at the heart of what Viventis does and it is its people from whom every success is due. Viventis actively rewards its employees where performing employees get recognized and awarded for their exceptional work monthly and quarterly. 

Viventis Employee Awards Viventis Employee Awards

Viventis Employee Awards_Quarterly Quota Sprinter  Viventis Employee Awards


20. New U Campaign

Aside from ensuring well-being, Viventis saw the need for employees to be provided with resources that help them adjust to a new work setup. With this, the management together with HR, launched project ‘New U’ to provide employees with new laptop units.



And there is no stopping here. Viventis, along with its people, partners, candidates, and clients will continue to reimagine the future of talent and transforming careers to the years to come.

Viventis refuses to be a bystander but will continue to insist on its leadership in the future of career creation.


Catch up with the latest updates about Viventis Search Asia.

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