How Viventis Increased Candidate Conversion by 30% with Curious Thing

As with any industry, the world of recruiting is constantly evolving and keeping up with change can be time-consuming and confusing. That’s why some companies turn to leading talent solution providers like Viventis to solve their hiring needs. Working with clients across South East Asia, Viventis handles everything from executive search to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). The team at Viventis are constantly looking for ways to secure the best talent for their clients and create a better candidate experience. It is this commitment to innovation and improvement that led Viventis to find and partner with Curious Thing. Here is the story of how our companies came together to create recruiting magic and incredible ROI. 




Pivoting to a new solution 


Viventis' Recruitment Technology and Strategy Leader had a problem. Progress in fulfilling candidate quotas for an RPO client, a large financial institution, was slow. The team were fulfilling only 5-8% of their candidate target when they needed to be hitting 100% or more. When researching solutions to this problem, their strategy lead and his team initially settled on finding a new English assessment tool. However, the team quickly realised what they really needed was a better screening solution. After a friend showed him a news article about Curious Thing he knew it was exactly what Viventis needed. Curious Thing would automate their screening process and deliver a better candidate experience by allowing interviews to be conducted at any time with an unbiased recruiter. 




Life with Curious Thing 


Curious Thing has simplified the Viventis recruiting process. Previously, applicant resumes would be assessed one-by-one followed by manual phone interviews conducted to screen candidates. Now, eligible candidates (those who have working rights and available hours) immediately progress to a phone interview with Curious Thing.

This allows more talent through the door and has led to amazing results. In just six weeks the team increased their hiring success rate from 5% to a huge 130%. This was thanks to increased efficiency and improved candidate engagement. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at these stats. About 70% of applicants completed a conversational AI interview with Curious Thing. Of these candidates, 100% attended third round on-site interviews which led to a conversion rate of 35%. To put these numbers into perspective, prior to using Curious Thing, only 20% of candidates would attend onsite interviews leading to a 5% conversion rate. 

On top of this, the implementation of Curious Thing cut time spent processing candidates from four hours to two hours per day. The Viventis team now have more time to focus on developing recruitment strategies and further enhancing the candidate experience. 

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Viventis Partners with Curious Thing AI to bring Conversational AI technology in HR 


When the team at Viventis implemented Curious Thing, they did not realise just how impactful it would be. The spread of COVID-19 has led to many companies switching to remote hiring processes. Viventis was able to make the switch easily due to their previous implementation of Curious Thing giving them a competitive advantage. On top of this, the team have used Curious Thing to pre-screen candidates in anticipation of their clients recovery plans. Whatever the post-pandemic world brings, Viventis will continue innovating and improving, ensuring they deliver quality candidates to their clients every time.


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